First Grade- We are finishing up the Powerpoint lesson this week.  All students were required to create a powerpoint which is due on Friday 2/27.  We will then move into digital citizenship which will teach students how to behave and stay safe online.
Second and Third Grade-Powerpoint projects were due last week but I will accept them up until Firday 2/27 without penalty.  This was a class assignment and students spent 4 class sessions working on this.  They can now come in to the lab before or after school (7:30-8am or 3:30-4pm) to finish them up.  The front desk will let them back in the morning if they let them know it is to finish their computer project.  
Third, Fouth and Fifth Grade-We are currently looking at the PARCC website and exploring the navigation of this site and learning to use the tools available through practice tests.  We will then begin a digital citizenship unit that will concentrate on personal information on the internet and cyberbullying.