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Welcome to another exciting year for Skyview Academy and the computer classes.  When you enter the computer lab you will see a big change in the structure of the room.  There are no more rows of computers, but instead the computers line the walls.  This enables me to see every computer screen at a moments glance and also enables me to get to every computer to help students.
The academic structure of the way computers will be taught will be changing too.  The students will have a two day rotation for each special.  They will be doing more projects and self discovery with guidance and modeling prior to using the computers.  I am also going to have them do more collaboration on these projects with their peers.
We will concentrate on keyboarding again this year.  This is a very important part of  computer curriculum especially because students will be required to type responses on the state test in  3rd-5th grade.  We will still be covering the basics of Word and Power Point, but I will be adding Excel and Publisher in there too. We will again cover Digital Citizenship and alternative presentation tools.  
Fourth and Fifth grade will also be participating in Genius Hour.  This is time to learn about something that is of interest to them.  They will pick a topic, get it approved by me, and then when they finish their classwork they will be able to research this topic, question or solution to a problem.  At the end of the semester they will present something to their class about their research.   We will spend time talking about this at the beginning of the school year but I would like to ask for parents help to guide their child to a topic of interest.  After all, who knows your child best?