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We are in the home stretch for the academic year.  I have seen so much growth in all of the students in their keyboarding skills and their computer knowledge.  So far this year they have increased their typing speed, learned how to use Word and PowerPoint, and learned about proper Internet use.  We are now going to have a little fun by learning coding.  Students will learn how video games are created using computer code.  We will not be getting into Java or Binary but instead use Blockly. It is very user friendly and we will do this in K-5th grade.  My students last year loved these lessons and hopefully yours will too.  There will be no homework or assignments due this quarter as all work will be done in class.  Maybe this will inspire the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates!
Students who want to continue doing these coding lessons at home or over the summer can go to to access the account they created in class.  It progresses logically and is  structured so they work by themselves.  The classes are just eating up the lessons.  They can't get enough.
Please have your child do Typing Pal when they have free time.  The 5th graders should be through level 6, the 4th graders through level 5 and the third graders through level 4.  They log on at  The institution code is DCSDSVAC.  Their user name is their last name first initial and their password is SVA (Capitalized) and then their student number or lunch number.  This will be available all summer so the students can practice.  It would also be great to have them find some typing games online to use during the summer so they don't lose the skills they acquired  over this past year.